Yuri Kishida
Kishida yuri
Vital statistics
Title Yuri Kishida
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Age 18
Voiced by Mai Takahashi

Yuri Kishida (岸田 百合 Kishida Yuri?) is a character in Forbidden Siren 2. A crazy woman, and the murderer of Ryuko Tagawa. She has goals on the island that the characters can only guess at, and is far more than she seems.


Under Mother's assassination orders, Yuri visits Ryuko (Offshoot B). The moment Yuri, who stands out amongst the other doves and shares her consciousness with Mother, touches Ryuko, the two share a recalled fragment of human mentality (a yearning to be human?). However, unable to go against Mother's absolute order, Yuri indifferently batters Ryuko's face with a blunt object over and over, killing her...

In the Yamijima Amusement Park, learning that Mamoru Itsuki is visiting Yamijima Amusement Park via her supernatural power, Yuri sets a "trap" in order to bewitch him. Led by Yuri, Itsuki decides to reach the centre with her, but in actuality has been driven by a mysterious force, and unseals the seven gates as Yuri says.

At the sixth hour in the Netherworld, though Yuri's sight the "seven keys" appear as the seven gates are unlocked, but this is just how they appear to Itsuki, as theoretical seals. In reality, Akiko and Ikuko, with the essence of a dove, and Shu following the memory of Kanae, each remove the seals their own ways at Yamijima Amusement Park (all at different times). Afterwards, Yuri fuses with Mother's neck and "completes" her.


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