Yukie Kobe
Vital statistics
Title Nurse Shibito
Gender Female
Race Human Japanese (formerly)

Shibito (currently)

Age 24
Weapon Scalpel
Allies Seigo Saiga (formerly)

Shibito (currently)

Voiced by Ryoko Sugizaki

Yukie Kobe (河辺幸江 Kōbe Yukie?) is a character in Siren: Blood Curse. She was a nurse in Saiga hospital and Seigo's girlfriend and fiancee. She was obsessively in love with Seigo and always followed him around and did everything what he told her, always calling him "sensei" or "doctor", which eventually became her catchphrase. She was used as the first sacrifice during the ritual at the beginning of the game and Seigo killed her by stabbing her through the heart with Homuranagi. Melissa Gale, Sam Monroe, Sol Jackson and Howard Wright wittnessed her death, but were unable to save her. She turns in Shibito and becomes the first Shibito in town and somewhat of a leader among them. She and other Shibito attacked humans and she cotinued stalking and pursuing Seigo everywhere with the intent to kill him for what he did to her. Seigo eventually felt extremely guilty for killing her. She finds an arguing americans and approaches them laughing as the sound of a siren pierces the air. She follows Bella to the hospital and searches for her there. Yukie can usually be found in the Saiga hospital or the mines around it. She assists a Shibito Brain, serving as it's transportation and meets and confronts Melissa when she comes to the hospital searching for Bella. She eventually becomes a Shibito Brain herself and meets and stalks Seigo in the mines when he goes there to search for Uryen. After Seigo tells Sam and Melissa where the church is and they go there to find Bella, Yukie approaches him once again, calling out for him. He shoots her down again and then commits suicide by shooting himself after saying, "I'm getting tired of this." Seigo says her name as his last words when he dies in the second timeline, killed by Howard.


  • While her voice is provided by Ryoko Sugizaki, her model is provided by Chiang Li-mei.