Yukie Kobe
Vital statistics
Title Yukie Kobe
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Age 24
Allies Seigo Saiga
Voiced by Ryoko Sugizaki

Yukie Kobe (河辺幸江 Kōbe Yukie?) was a nurse at a hospital in Hanuda. She was romantically involved with Seigo. Since she followed him around, he used her as the first sacrifice at the beginning of Siren: Blood Curse.

After Sam and Melissa leave to go find Bella, Yukie, resurrected as a Shibito, approaches Seigo, calling him "doctor". He shot her down and before shooting himself, saying, "I'm getting tired of this."

Seigo says her name as he dies in the second timeline of Siren: Blood Curse, when he is killed by Howard Wright.


  • While her voice is provided by Ryoko Sugizaki, her model is provided by Chiang Li-mei.


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