Yorito Nagai
Nagai yorito
Vital statistics
Title Yorito Nagai
Gender Male
Race Japanese
Age 21
Abilities Sightjacking
Allies Mamoru Itsuki
Ichiko Yagura
Takeaki Misawa
Hiroshi Okita
Yuri Kishida
Voiced by Kiyokazu Ebina

Yorito Nagai (永井頼人 Nagai Yorito?) is a playable character in Forbidden Siren 2. He was a member of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, landing on Yamijima Island during a helicopter crash-land.


Yorito Nagai was a private in the Self-Defence Japanese Force. He was born in 1984. He accompanied his fellow members Hiroshi Okita, his best friend, and Sergeant Takeaki Misawa, his superior officer, when they answered a distress aiming at Yamijuri. Unfortunately the helicopter they were using as a means to get to the island crashed. While Takeaki and Yorito were left unharmed, Hiroshi suffered from wounds inflicted by the crash. Yorito was distraught by his friend's condition, but Takeaki coldly said that, as superior officer, he will be taking command – he and Hiroshi.

Yorito took Hiroshi with them to the island's amusement park. Once there, Takeaki tried to get through to something via a telephone in a custodian shack. Yorito cried out for Hiroshi to remain alive, though Hiroshi was already dead. Takeaki told Yorito to get over his death and move forward. Unexpectedly, he saw Hiroshi rise up as a Shibito, and his helmet was blasted off by his undead friend. The private screamed in terror, and is given a gun by Takeaki with orders to shoot to kill. At first reluctant to do so, he managed to quickly shoot down Hiroshi and steal his rifle. </span></p>

The two military men made their way through the amusement park, discovering that the TNT they brought with them was missing its detonator. Yorito found a pill in the ticket booth of a ride, which Takeaki took from him, believing it to be his medication. Takeaki did not listen to the private's attempt to warn him - the pill was actually hallucinogenic medicine. Progressing forward, both men made it out of the area and move onward.

Just before a red tsunami hit the island, Yorito and Takeaki encountered Mamoru and Yuri. While Mamoru told Takeuki to stop aiming a light at him and Yuri due to Yuri’s reaction, Yorito alerted them of the tsunami before it hit them. The collision with the island and the tsunami caused the island to enter a time fold.

Regaining consciousness, he reunited with the Sergeant and they board a ferry that crashed onto the island in 1986. Going through the ship, Yorito voiced his uncertainty of this experience being a dream or reality. Takeuki, losing his sanity, asked him if he should shoot himself in the head - if this is a dream, he would wake up, but if this is reality, he would die. The Sergeant then turned to Yorito and pointed his rifle in his face, saying “BANG!” Disturbed by this, the young Private questioned Takeuki’s personality and sanity. Just then, Yuri was noticed by them; Takeaki tried to shoot her, but Yoriko stoped him as she escaped. Mumbling to himself, Takeaki wandered off. Trying to find Yuri, Yorito was faced with Tomoe Ohta, who has become a Shibito. Realizing that Yuri was faced with Shiryo on the deck of the ship, he activated the front lights to allow her to escape from them. Upon meeting up, they leave the ferry via a life boat. As Yuri tried to manipulate Yorito into helping her release Mother, Takeaki appeared and tried to shoot her with his gun once more. Yorito was quick to act and sended the gun astray, allowing the girl to run away. Angered by his superior’s actions, he revealed that he always knew that something was wrong with him and asked why Takeaki had to live and Hiroshi had to die instead. He started to crack under the stress of the situation.

When Mother was released from her confinements, Yorito heared the siren ring and wondered what was going on. Progressing through the hours, he overheared Takeaki with Ichiko, a young girl who was originally on the ferry. Takeauki senseed the presence of Otoshigo from Ichiko with his physic abilities, and started to shoot at her because of his suspicions. Not wanting Takeaki to murder the child, Yorito screamed at him to stop and shot him from behind, surprising Takeaki and Ichiko. Takeaki walked up to him despite the wound and commended his aim by saying “Good shot…” before placing his arms on Yorito’s shoulders and saying how he will be “the first to wake up” before falling to the floor, dead. Yorito was shocked by having murdered a person.

Now with Ichiko by his side, he tried telling her that everything is okay with him guarding her. However, a Dog Yamibito appeared and separated the two. He managed to reunite with her on the third floor of Building A of two apartment blocks. Surprisingly, Ichiko became possessed by Otoshigo and, armed with a machinegun, proceeded to go on a rampage across the area. In an effort to her regain her senses, Yorito gave her a bracelet she wore. Though Ichiko did regain herself, it was no use as Otoshigo took hold again and ran off. During this scenario, he found a map to a Time Capsule.

Due to his experiences on the island, Yorito’s personality had changed - he was then more confident, with no trace of fear present and was able to face the terrors of the island head-on. As a result, he became slightly laid-back.

Making his way back to the ferry, he saved Mamoru from a Yamirei that was going to attack him from behind. After informing Mamoru of Takeaki’s death, including Yorito’s part in it, he told the journalist to team up with him. Although Mamoru refused to team up, due to having been manipulated by Yuri into releasing Mother and the Yamirei, Yorito persuaded him to come along as a chance for survival, including referencing how the good guys who fight in the movies always end up surviving.

They make their way to Spider’s Thread, a tower that was being used as a gateway for Mother to enter the real world, which was shown in the sky through a red light. Mamoru explained to Yorito that the world that they were in at the moment was nothing but a copy of the island in 1976, much to the Private’s confusion. Mother had to escape this world before it collapsed and reverts back to nothing. The two split up and progressed through the tower, but Yorito eventually got attacked by a sniper Yamibito when on a roof. Luckily, Mamoru defeated the sniper, allowing Yorito to make his way up the pylons. After saving the journalist’s life from a Yamirei again, Yorito attacked by Tsuneo Ohta, now a Kou Yamibito, resulting in him falling off the tower and separated from Mamoru. Despite this, he survived the fall.

Recovering, he discovered that the Yamirei have made a base for themselves in a school. Applying war paint to his face, Yorito said to himself “Don’t ever underestimate a Japanese warrior!”, and intended to show the Yamirei “what a Kamikaze is!” He found a car that was in needs of repair. Thanks to a car jack and a repair tools box, the car became operational; a stick of TNT was found in the driver‘s seat. Making his way up to the playground, he incapacitated Hiroshi, who became a Sniper Yamibito, and stole his Flare Gun. With a Flare Round to load it, Yorito fired the gun directly into the school, driving out the Yamirei. Eventually, the entire school was cleared of Yamirei, and Yorito took it upon himself to free Hiroshi from his corrupted body. Wrestling his former friend to the ground, he used the TNT, saying goodbye to him as it did, then rolled away from him just before the TNT exploded, blowing Hiroshi’s head off.

As Spider’s Thread collapsed, Yorito viewed it from the school’s vacant lot, but his view was obscured by mist. Laughter was heard, and a voice called out to the Private, telling him how the “dream” feels like a nightmare now. The voice belonged to Sergeant Takeaki Misawa, who has been resurrected and evolved into a Kou Yamibito. The do-or-die Yorito screamed out his enemy’s name, and was able to kill Takeaki again, permanently. Now exhausted, he declared that the fight was over. Just then, Ichiko appeared in the lot, her face mutated from her possession by Otoshigo. She fell to the ground while declaring that she wished to go home. Without warning, the ground shook as Otoshigo finally appeared and absorbed Ichiko through his mouth. Tired, the young soldier cursed as he accepted his final challenge. Thanks to the Lighthouse Key, the Lighthouse was available. The fuse for the light was fixed, exposing Otoshigo to his main weakness and allowing Yorito to blast him with bullets in an effort to weaken him. Otoshigo’s rolling attack was used against him when he was tricked into rolling into a disposal tank full of gas. Yorito administered the killing blow by throwing an old ship’s functioning light bulb at him, setting the creature on fire. As Otoshigo screamed in pain as he died, which released Ichiko from her possession, Yorito yelled in victory.

When a final red tsunami appeared after the defeat of Mother, Yorito yelled at the wave with his submachine gun at the ready. The wave sweeped him and the other remaining human characters up. While the other survivors are sent into a reality where Mother never existed, Yorito was not so lucky. He literally fell from the sky into a completely different reality, the Yamibito Dimension. The world he has entered features an eclipsed sun and is occupied by Yamibito who go through life much like humans, including sitting on a beach and walking through a market. This alternate reality served as a reverse of the “real” world - humans are regarded as monsters of myth while the Yamibito are the “normal” occupants. Facing the sight of countless Yamibito, Yorito was unable to tell if he was losing his sanity or if he was in a new world. Possibly going insane, he pulled the trigger of his submachine gun and slaughtered the Yamibito around the market and beach, proceeding to go on a killing spree and wipe out the rest of the Yamibito. The fact that he is in a completely different world and having lost his sanity was cemented by an Archive item - a diary entry from a Yamibito containing a drawing of Yorito slaughtering many of its people, with symbols of its language that translate, “SCARY MONSTER THAT FELL FROM THE SKY”.


Yorito was at first depicted as a worried, sensitive young man. This was demonstrated when he worried for Hiroshi, and was sent into a screaming panic when a shibito-transformed Hiroshi shot his helmet off. He was distrustful of his superior officer, and showed moments of bravery, such as when he shot Takeaki in order to protect Ichiko from any potential harm, knowing that Takeaki was mentally unstable.

After killing Takeaki, he seemed to become more relaxed in his battle against the supernatural terrors he faced; his bravery and devotion were best seen when he non-chalantly saved Mamoru from being attacked by a yamerei and then requesting to team up.

However, after his fall from Spider's Thread, he then showed unrestrainted anger toward the yamirei, willing to ensure their total eradication. After taking down Yamibito Takeaki, he was tired and wanted to just get away from the horrors he had faced. His battlecry upon defeating Otoshigo revealed not only his anger, but his exhaust and desire of freedom.

His ending backed up his final personality shift, destroying any yamibito in his path in a crazed frenzy.

In the long run, his personality is comparable with that of Kyoya Suda of the Forbidden Siren, shifting from a rather gentle-hearted individual to a merciless exterminator of the Otherworld creatures. Both get stuck in the other dimension.


  • Best friends with Hiroshi Okita; shot Shibito Hiroshi in self-defense; stole a flare from Yamibito Hiroshi and blew his head off with TNT.
  • Junior to Takeaki Misawa; followed his orders; seperated from him at Bright Win ferry; prevented him from harming Yuri; killed him to protect Ichiko Yaguri; defeated Kou Yamibito Takeaki..
  • Thrown off the Spider's Thread by Kou Yamibito Tsuneo Ohta.
  • Met Mamoru Itsuda before separation; teamed up with him in Bright Win ferry before separation at Spider's Thread.
  • Saved Ichiko Yagura from Takeaki Misawa; separated from her by Dog Yamibito before finding her possessed by Otoshigo; managed to temporarily free her from possession before she ran off; saw her before turning into Otoshigo,
  • Witnessed Otoshigo fully possessing Ichiko; killed him.
  • Made sure that Yuri was not harmed by Takeaki.




Mission 1

Mission 2



Yamijima Amusement Park/Custodian’s Shack

Reach the road to Uryuga Forest

Find pill



Bright Win/Portside Corridor

Help Yuri Kishida escape from the ferry

Escape from the ferry with Yuri Kishida



Gold Mining Co. Housing/C-102

Save Ichiko Yagura. Escape from Houya

Bring back the memory of ‘Ichiko Yagura.’


“Joint Struggle”

Shinari Mountain/Pylon #4

Reach the highest point of The Spider’s Thread

Destroy Tsuneo Ohta



Grade/Middle School

Destroy Hiroshi Okita

Annihilate Yamirei. Destroy Hiroshi Okita.


“Decisive Battle”

Yamijima Island/Shiofurihama

Defeat Takeaki Misawa

Defeat Otoshigo 


  • Yorito's character development is similar to that of Kyoya Suda's; both start out unsure of what is going on, but they manage to get a grip of the situation and become fearless warriors. Their fates are similar too; they are trapped in dimensions, and go on a quest to destroy whatever evil creatures they come across. A major difference in this, however, is that Yorito's sanity is called into question, as he goes berserk in his final scene due to the pressure of being surrounded by Yamibito, whereas Kyoya is calm and contained.
  • In Mission 2 of "Decisive Battle", Yorito was armed with a machine gun with infinite ammo, which did not appear at any time before this level.


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