Yesterday 23:00 is the first level in Forbidden Siren 1. It is also the first level with Kyoya Suda. As it is the first level in the game, it serves as an introduction to the Link Navigator.

Kyoya SudaEdit

Kyoya Suda


Upper Arato/ Construction Site

Mission 1

Escape from the police officer

Mission 2


Kyoya stumbles upon a weird ceremony in the middle of the forest. Seeing the girl (Miyako) from before in a strange bride's outfit, he is heard by one of the villagers and he flees. Getting a sudden headache, he realises he is being pursued by a strange policeman...

Kyoya has to escape from Tetsuo Ishida, the drunken police officer intent on killing him. The police officer for all intents and purposes acts in a similar fashion to a Shibito and wields a police revolver. The level is quite simple however, as there is plenty of cover to hide from him. Inside the construction shack is the keys to the car nearby. Once inside, (you must have the torch on to unlock the car door) you are safe. Don't worry about the gunshot to the windscreen, it is merely to shock you. Using the keys to start the engine and driving it will end the level.


There are three Archive items to find:


  • This is the only level in which the enemy is a human and NOT a Shibito.
  • Oddly, in the List Menu it says "Lock car door" instead of just "Lock door".
  • Inside the car, the gunshot to the window is scripted and is not a real threat. Plus, the description for examing the BANG!! magazine says it "is on the floor of the car" where actually, it is clearly on the car seat.
  • This is the only level which takes place in Upper Arato.
  • Because the Siren has not yet sounded, Kyoya will not regenerate his health (since there is no Red Water present in the rain).