Yambito dimension
The Yamibto Dimension (labelled Unknown on the Link Navigater) is the reality that Yorito Nagai is sent into after Mamuro Itsuki and Akiko Kiyota's defeat of Mother at the climax of Forbidden Siren 2. As the name indicates, Yamibito occupy this realm, and humans are on a similar mythical status as to them, effectively switching the roles of the species. The sun in the real world is replaced by a constant eclipse, and the sky is red rather than blue. Daily activities of the Yamibito are identical to that of humans, including markets, beaches and baby carriages. The origin of the Yamibito world is unknown, though it could be that Mother had a hand in creating it, or, as the title of Yorito's ending says "Stolen World", could be a reality where Mother succeeded in invading the real world, and managed to manipulate it so that Yamibito can survive in it.

Yorito enters this world by literally falling from the sky. Having faced the Yamibito throughout the game, he is shocked by what he sees. The area he has landed in is filled with Yamibito in a marketplace. Unable to tell if he has gone completely insane or whether this is actually real, Yorito snaps and pulls the trigger of his machine gun, firing at any Yamibito he comes across, while ones who have not been killed flee.

An Archive actually comes from this dimension; it is a childish drawing of Yorito massacring Yamibito. The Yamibito language is shown in the drawing. The writing, in translation, recounts Yorito's appearance, called a "scary monster", and that he is the first human to appear after all previous ones were killed. This proves that Yorito was not hallucinating and that this world does actually exist. Just as well, the location is referred to as "Unknown" on the Link and Archive Navigators.

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