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(闇人, yamibito, lit. "darkness people") are the enemies introduced in Forbidden Siren 2 that succeeded the Shibito halfway through the game.Yamibito are much more resilient, aggressive, and intelligent than the Shibito, but they function essentially the same way. They are also repelled by light, meaning that they can be weakened by focusing a flashlight on them or turning on the lights in a room. Like the Shibito, a Yamibito can be defeated, but is revived when a Yamirei re-enters the corpse. Eliminating the Yamirei (which are also intolerant to light) renders the Yamibito unconscious indefinitely. However, due to their improved intelligence and strength, Yamibito will not fall for distractions that may have worked on Shibito, and they are also much harder to defeat in combat. It should also be noted that Yamibito attack in numbers, making them extremely dangerous.

Yamibito sometimes emit a terrible scream upon death.

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