Shuji Shimada
Shuji shimada
Vital statistics
Title Shuji Shimada
Gender Male
Race Japanese
Weapon Gun
Voiced by Takao Ōyama

Shuji Shimada (嶋田習次 Shimada Shūji?) is the first enemy encountered by Howard Wright in Siren: Blood Curse. He is a police sergeant with a bizarre gait who attempts to intercept the American boy that stumbled on to the ceremony.

He received what should have been a fatal wound from the boy, but the assault of the siren on the village and resulting earthquake seem to have made him rise again.


  • He is based on Tetsuo Ishida from the original Forbidden Siren, as both are policeman pursuing the protagonist before being killed, just to come back as the first Shibito of the game.
  • While his voice is provided by Takao Ōyama, his model is provided by Tadashi Shiraishi.


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