Risa Onda
Risa Onda
Vital statistics
Title Risa Onda
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Age 21
Abilities Sightjacking
Weapon Umbrella
Allies Mina Onda, Shiro Miyata (briefly), Kei Makino
Voiced by Kei Kodama

Risa Onda (恩田 理沙 Onda Risa?) is a playable character and protagonist in Forbidden Siren. The twin of Mina Onda, she left Hanuda in favour of living in Tokyo. Returning to Hanuda to reunite with her sister, she finds herself scared as she wonders in the town, facing shibito as she goes. She ends up relying on Shiro Miyata and Kei Makino in the Miyata Clinic, but things end up taking a turn for the worse there.


A young woman, 21 years old, is the twin of Mina Onda. While having lived in Hanuda originally, she left Tokyo in order to experience a new, different life. However, a letter from Mina, who remained in Hanuda, details how she missed her and that she loves Shiro Miyata prompts Risa to return to her home village. Unknown to Risa, her arrival to the town occured on the same night as the ritual to resurrect Datatsushi, and she is plunged into the alternate dimension with the other characters. She regains consciousness in front of a house that she does not remember seeing, the Tabori house, and is confused as to where she really is. Risa experienced a moment of sightjacking and she hid behind a bush at a corner of the house when she realized that shibito are in the area, namely a sniper shibito that blocked her only way of escaping. After finding a Mana Cross with the Takeuchi family symbol on it, she is successful in distracting the sniper and escapes.

She literally bumps into Shiro Miyata, the lover of Mina. When she finds out who Miyata is and that they were both looking for Mina, she accompanies Shiro back to the Miyata Clinic, Shiro’s family hospital. As they enter, Risa is overcome by a mysterious sense that her sister is with them, and looks outside a window to see her distant body looking towards her. Despite this, Shiro does not notice this, and when Risa looks back at the window after looking at Shiro, Mina is gone. Just then, Kei Makino, priest of the Mana religion, bursts into the room to see Shiro. She notes that Shiro and Kei are twins, Risa realized that she and Mina are not the only pair of twins in Hanuda.

Risa searchs alone to find her sister in the hospital, armed with only a flashlight. Walking down an empty corridor, she hears the voice of Mina, and finally meets Mina…who has transformed into a horrifying Shibito Brain. Scared, Risa outruns her twin and uses sightjacking to discover that Shiro and Kei in the midst of conversation. She pulls a fire alarm to alert the brothers of her predicament. Kei tries to rescue her, but is scared stiff when Mina turns her attention to him. In the nick of time, Shiro runs up to Mina and attacks her with a bottle of acid to the face. The shibito twin runs off in pain. Shiro tells Kei to watch over Risa while he himself hunts down Mina.

During Shiro’s manhunt, Risa expressess concern about Shiro’s safety. Kei comforts her by saying that he’s usually late, so there is a chance that he’ll turn up safely. The same cannot be said for the two, as Mina knocks out Kei, having infiltrated their room, and uses the telepathic link that she and Risa share to show her twin the truth about Shiro – the doctor had killed Mina when he found out that she was pregnant with his child.

Risa and Mina

Mina linking her mind to Risa's

Risa is then overcome by her sister’s stronger psychic link, and acts like a Shibito. Dressed in a nurse’s outfit like Mina, she corners Shiro in a room. Shiro strangles her, noting how she looks just like her sister in death. Her link with Mina results in her becoming a Shibito mere seconds after she dies from strangulation, and proceeds to chase after her killer. Defeated, she is then used for an autopsy by Shiro, alongside her sister, to see if Shibito can be permenantly killed. Kei enters the autopsy room upon hearing the Onda sisters’ screams, and finds out what Shiro has been doing to them.

Shibito Brai Risa

Shibito Brain Risa in the Hanuda mines

During Day 3, After regenerating from the experiments, she escapes the Clinic with her sister and they both hide in a mine. In their separate mines, they confront Shiro, who by this point is wearing Kei’s clothes. Shiro is able to stop Risa’s tracks permenantly – using a stake, he immobilises Risa by planting it in her chest, though she is still able to struggle her arms and legs in vain. In the final hours of Day 3, Shiro sacrifices himself with the Sword Uryen, offering his own life to free the lost souls of Failed Shibito. The Onda sisters find peace, their appearances are human again. They appear to Shiro, smiling and forgiving him. He follows them, falling into a hole created by the Uryen.


As a human, Risa is nervous of being in Hanuda because of the shibito. She is quick-minded and able to use distractions to her advantage; in her first level, she escapes the Tabori house by distracting the sniper shibito at the front pathway. She is surprised at the sight of another pair of twins in Hanuda. When she finds Mina as a Shibito Brain, she is scared of her sister coming after her and is forced to call for help.

Immediately after her transformation into a shibito, Risa laughs madly at Shiro, her murderer. She, like other shibito, pursues any living person she can find. Even as a shibito she is always in the same levels as her Brain sister.


  • Sister of Mina Onda; finds a Shibito Brain Mina, who uses her telepathic abilities to show her what Shiro did to her; her mind is taken over by Mina; autopsied with Mina; confronts Shiro in mines with Mina; freed with Mina by Shiro.
  • Accompanied by Shiro Miyato to the Miyato Clinic; later killed by Shiro before resurrecting as a Shibito; autopsied by Shiro alongside Mina; confronts Shiro in mineshaft before being impaled by a stake in the chest; finally freed from Shibito form by Shiro.
  • Meets Kei Makino in the Miyato Clinic; Kei tries to come to her rescue after being alerted by a fire alarm; is with him for some time before he is knocked out and she is transformed by Mina; he discovers her after Shiro’s autopsy of her and Mina




Mission 1

Mission 2

Day 1 04:00

Taburi, abandoned building

Escape from abandoned building

Discover Mana Cross

Day 1 22:00

Miyata clinic, ward 2

Warn Miyata and Makino of approaching enemies

Find angel statuette 


  • Appears in the timeframes Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3
  • The only level where she is a companion character is in Shiro’s mission in the market in Day 1
  • A majority of scenes involving her were set in Day 1
  • She only appears in Day 2 & 3 as a Shibito
  • There is little to no gap in her death and resurrection as a Shibito; that may have something to do with the telepathic link Mina had on her, as Mina is a Shibito at the time
  • Risa's only weapon, the umbrella, is the weakest weapon in the entire game. It may even be considered a joke weapon by the creators. This weapon is reintroduced in Forbidden Siren 2, accessable for Akiko Kiyota, but is much more effective in combat than with Risa's.
  • The aspects of Risa as a recurring normal Nurse Shibito and being staked in the town mines near the end of the game as a Brain is reused for Yukie Kobe in Siren: Blood Curse.
  • Risa always start her missions in an unsafe starting position where the player is required to move her elsewhere to a safer location. Risa's first mission, though safe at first, is not a good hiding place as she will eventually be discovered by a Shibito. Risa's second mission starts with being discovered by Mina Onda, where she has only seconds to turn around and flee before she is caught and killed.
  • Risa's second mission is the only mission where more than one companion is available, are also the only male companions to be had, and where they cannot be reached nor harmed.


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