Reiko Takato
Reiko takato
Vital statistics
Title Reiko Takato
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Age 29
Allies Harumi Yomoda
Voiced by Seika Hosokawa

Reiko Takato (高遠 玲子 Takatō Reiko?) is a major character and one of the ten playable characters in Forbidden Siren. She is an elementary school teacher who has a close bond with one of her students, Harumi Yomoda. Reiko and Harumi went to Hanuda for a look at star patterns. 


A 29-year-old schoolteacher who taught at Hanuda’s primary school. She lost her daughter when she drowned, and saw her student, Harumi as a surrogate daughter.

As the ritual of Hanuda failed and sucked the town into an alternate dimension, Reiko and Harumi took shelter in one of the school rooms, hiding from the shibito. Reiko comforted a scared Harumi, saying that the principal would be able to help them. Wandering through the school, they were able to find a window that they could use to escape, but it was blocked up by boards. Reiko told Harumi to stay put while she tried to find a suitable tool to remove the boards.

She entered the gym, opening an exit door along the way, and managed to find a crowbar. As soon as she was about to leave, Harumi requested help over the school announcer. Principal Eiji appeared before Reiko as a shibito. After defeating him, she stole the gym keys from his body. Reunited with Harumi, the two used the crowbar and escape the school.

Day 2, Harumi told Reiko about the dreams she was having, and that she was Miyako’s only friend and "secret sister", since Miyako told her things that she could notreveal to anyone. Leading onto the idea of a surrogate family, Reiko suggested that if Miyako could be her sister, then Reiko herself could be her mother.

Sensing the presence of the shibito, they tried to resume their attempts of escaping the town. They managed to come across a cart that was being pulled by a shibito. Reiko told Harumi to be quiet, as if they were playing hide and seek, and had Harumi enter the cart to ensure her safety. However, the siren went off, and the nearby shibito bumped into the cart, causing Harumi to grunt and reveal her hiding place.

With no other choice, Reiko honked a gas truck’s horn to attract the shibito's attention and lead them away from Harumi. She poured the truck’s gasoline over the ground and used a lighter to blow up the shibito, as well as herself, allowing Harumi to escape. Harumi was upset by her teacher's sacrifice.

Reiko returned as a shibito, and with the concern of her former student in mind, she attempted to track down Harumi, culminating to encounter her at the steps leading away from the Tabori house, as much to the girl’s shock. Reiko chased her around the settlement until Harumi gave her the slip and escaped her teacher.

By Day 3, Reiko had completely turned into a Shibito Brain, desperately calling out for Harumi. In this state, she fought Tamon Takeuchi, who was undergoing a transformation into a shibito himself. Tamon defeated her, sending her and fellow shibito Naoko Mihama into an unconscious state.

When Hanuda and the alternate dimension began to collapse, Reiko noticed that Harumi was pursued by Principal Eiji, who also turned into a Shibito Brain. Using her motherly instincts, she saved her surrogate daughter one last time as she tackled Eiji and the two Brains fell into a hole. Her fate after this is unknown, although she most likely could have been killed by Kyoya Suda when he went on his shibito massacre.


Because of her surrogate mother-daughter relationship with Harumi, Reiko was willing to protect her at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing herself. She wished to make sure that Harumi was not scared, and put on a brave face to encourage her, despite being scared herself.

As a shibito she wished to be with Harumi. In her first appearance she chased the girl so that she can be near her. As a Shibito Brain, her desperation to be with Harumi is shown when she wails, as though sobbing. At the end of the game, her self-sacrifice revealed that her drive to protect her surrogate daughter was not lost, as she tackled fellow Shibito Brain Eiji to prevent him from assaulting her.


  • Teacher and surrogate mother of Harumi Yomoda. Sacrificed herself for her twice, as a human then as a Brain Shibito.
  • Encountered Shibito Eiji Nagoshi in the school. Attacked him to save Harumi more than once. Before the outbreak, Eiji was her employer, the two working at the same primary school.
  • Accompanied by Naoko Mihama in the Nest.
  • Defeated as a Shibito Brain by Tamon Takeuchi.




Mission 1

Mission 2

Day 1 2:00

Haruba elementary school, Oribe campus/library

Escape from the school with Harumi Yomoda

Unlock door to gymnasium fire exit from within, help Harumi Yomoda escape from the school

Day 1 23:00

Karuwari valley, abandoned storeroom

Help Harumi Yomoda escape from Karuwari

Light lanterns in order and help Harumi Yomoda from Karuwari


  • Her counterpart in the remake is Melissa Gale.
  • Due to the shape of her head as a Shibito Brain, fans refer to this form as a "Shibito Burger".


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