Naoko Mihama
Naoko Mihama
Vital statistics
Title Naoko Mihama
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Age 28
Allies Akira Shimura
Voiced by Keiko Koshiro

Naoko Mihama (美浜 奈保子 Mihama Naoko?) is one of the ten playable characters in Forbidden Siren. A former resident of Hanuda and a vain woman, she returned to the town as part of a documentary show on the supernatural. Unfortunately, her crew disappeared, leaving her to try and survive the shibito on her own, and her obsession with her youth and beauty takes its toll.


A TV show presenter that originally lived in Hanuda. As a child, she aspires to become a star and to be adored. In 1994, she succeeds when starring on the TV drama “Eat Your Heart Out!” and went on to star in magazines. However, her stardom faded over time, from TV actress to small-time show presenter.

In her profession,
Noako main pic
she has issues with her beauty and age, since it rivals with other young female presenters. She returns to Hanuda in order to film a documentary on supernatural occurrences there for the show “Darkness Japan” (“Occult JAPAN” in the US version).

Unfortunately, she got separated from her TV crew, but thinks that they were playing tricks on her. While sitting on the ground and distressed at her predicament, she meets Akira Shimura, who has just encountered Shibito. When Akira tells her about the dangers of the red water and living forever, Naoko realized he meant eternal youth. Upon entering the area Akira just left, she manages to render all Shibito there unconscious, allowing her to advance further through the village. Eventually, she makes her way to the elementary school she used to go to, but found that it is occupied by Spider Shibito and the Principal Eji as a Shibito Brain. Luckily, Naoko is able to exit the school by going through the emergency exit door, and is happy that she has escaped. As time went by, her sanity was shattered by her experiences and completely bathes herself in a large pool of red water, under the belief that it will grant her an ageless appearance. With this act, her entire body is exposed to infection, turning her into a Shibito.

As a Shibito, her new form is first seen by a lost Tomoko Maeda, who is slowly transforming into a Shibito herself. Due to Tomoko’s transformation reaching near-completion, Naoko simply laughs and runs past Tomoko. Soon after, while Tomoko heads towards the church, she finds Naoko again who follows Tomoko and asks her if she is beautiful and why she is not looking at her. As Tomoko nears the church, Naoko stops following her and heads back to her post to protect a Shibito Brain. Later on, having made her way to the Nest due to the calling from Datatsushi and the rest of the Shibito hive mentality, her final appearance is during the last few hours of Day Three, when Tamon is undergoing a transformation into a Shibito. By this point, she has then evolved into a Beetle Shibito, and starts to attack Tamon. Luckily, she is defeated, and it is presumed that she is destroyed by Kyoya Suda when he starts his massacre of the Shibito.


As seen during her story, Naoko is a vain human being whose only objective in life is to look young and beautiful. Her curiosity of the red water is peaked when she takes Akira’s talk of ‘living forever’ as a sign of being able to retain her looks forever. When her sanity is lost after escaping the elementary school, she mutters about becoming ageless.

As a Shibito in Tomoko’s final level, she speaks to her about being young and beautiful, holding on to her vanity as an undead being.


  • Briefly meets Akira Shimura
  • Faced Shibito Principal Eiji at elementary school
  • After becoming a Shibito, walks up to Tomoko Maeda and runs off; wanders in the area she is in, but does not attack Tomoko
  • As a Beetle Shibito, confronts and is incapacitated by Tamon Takeuchi
  • While fighting Tamon, is near Shibito Brain Reiko Takato, and is rendered unconscious when Reiko Takato is sent into submission




Mission 1

Mission 2

Day 1 19:00

Gojaku Peak, Jakobey pass

Reach road to Janokubi valley

Reach the road to Janokubi valley after defeating all shibito

Day 1

Haruba elementary school, Oribe campus/gymnasium

Escape from school

Find book of Hanuda folk tales and escape from school


  • The character aspects of her being a TV show presenter, hateful personality and losing her sanity are used for the character Melissa Gale in Siren Blood Curse.
  • She is playable in two levels, each with primary and secondary objectives.
  • She is the only playable character that turns into a Beetle Shibito.
  • In Forbidden Siren 2, one of the Archive Files has a commercial she starred in, with her being used as a means of presenting a product.