You may be looking for the character in Forbidden Siren living in 2003, also named Miyako Kajiro.

Miyako in the Miyata Clinic in 2003

Miyako Kajiro (神代 美耶子 Kajiro Miyako?) is a minor character in Forbidden Siren. A descendant of Hisako Yao and part of the Kajiro family, Miyako was born with a form of ESP, the ability to sightjack. As traditional in the Kajiro family, her ESP abilities meant that she would be sacrificed as the "Bride of Datatsushi" as part of a ritual that would resurrect the god. Hisako, who has been posing as the Kajiro family maid under the name Sumiko, forgot that it was her intent to ensure Datatsushi's return. She interrupts the ceremony, helping Miyako run away, with Akira Shimura's son, Takafumi Shimura, alongside them.

The failure of the ritual caused Datatsushi to drag a part of Hanuda into a netherworld resembling the town.

At some point, Miyako acquires the shield Uryen. Eventually, the three made their way to the Miyata Clinic, but Takafumi experiences transforming into a shibito, and so in order to save anyone from harm and fight with his last breath to remain human (unaware that Hisako and Miyako's cursed blood makes them immortal), he made sure that he was wrapped up, covered in chains, and staked before being locked in a disposal container.

However, Sumiko's memories of her mission returned to her. She then realised that she foiled her own plans, she sends Miyako into the hospital basement and positions her to a chair against a wall, before binding to restrict her movement, with Miyako being told that she will be safe. Miyako is therefore trapped in the clinic with no way to escape.

27 years later, Hanuda, having moved on from the incident, again faces a failed ritual with the Miyako of that era, when Kyoya Suda accidentally interrupts it. As a result, the 2003 version of the town is sent into the other reality, becoming one with the 1976 version laid out. Shiro Miyata, owner of the hospital, explores the clinic during his hunt for Mina Onda.  During this search, he comes across the Miyako from 1976. After 27 years of immobility and lack of nourishment, she is now a decomposed skeletal figure. She manages to raise her arm holding the Uryen, offering it to him. Shiro realised what Miyako is trying to do, so he takes the object.

It is unknown what Miyako's fate is. Considering how she is never freed from her containment, it is likely that she stills resides in the hospital.


Her role as the Miyako Kajiro of 1976 is used for the version of Miyako in Siren: Blood Curse, although the rest of the Blood Curse Miyako's character is based on the 2003 version.

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