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Content (No.2)Edit

Misumi Daily Gazette
August 3rd 1976

Torrent and Land-slide Bring Disaster to Misumi District

48 homes have been flooded with a number of other buildings damaged in land-slides.

33 people have been reported missing but the chances of finding survivors looks bleak.

Content (No.38)Edit

Misumi Daily Gazette
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July 31st 1976 - Evening Edition

Light Pillars Observed in Hanuda

Early in the morning of the 30th, mysterious pillars of light were spotted in the skies around the Mana River floodgates.

This is thought to be an example of the meteorological phenomenon known as "light pillars" or "sun pillars" caused by light reflecting off ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Content (No.59)Edit

Misumi Daily Gazette
July 7th, 1975 - Morning Edition.

Ground Near Former Air Defense Facilities Damaged By Rain
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The heavy rainfall that has continued since early June has caused ground sinkage around the former air defense facilities in Harayadori.

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Fears have been expressed that the weakened ground structure may result in further damage in the area.

Content (No.98)Edit

Misumi Daily Gazette

March 3rd 2002 - Morning Edition

Car Struck By Lightning, Bursts into Flames!

A car driving down route 333 was hit by lightening and set on fire yesterday. The driver, Haruo Yomoda (40) and his wife Hidemi (34) were killed in the accident.

Content (No.100)Edit

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Mizumi Daily Gazette

August 6th 2003 - Special Edition

'Landslide Survivor Found in Hanyuda - 10 Year-old Girl Rescued.

Late at night on August 2nd, Harumi Yomoda (10) was miraculously rescued after being buried in the landslide that occurred three days earlier.'

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