Vital statistics
Title Kaiko
Gender None
Race Pagan God/Eextradimensional entity
Age Immortal
Abilities Manipulator, immortality, collective mind with the Shibito, resurrection
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Allies Shibito, Amana, Cult of the sacrifices
Voiced by None

Kaiko (蚕子?) is an extra-dimensional insectile being with reality-altering abilities. It entered the human dimension and landed in Hanuda over 800 years prior to the events of Siren: Blood Curse. The siren is its wail, calling out to the villagers to do its bidding.

Description Edit

In sacred scrolls, Kaiko is depicted as an archetypal Budah figure, with holy rays of light siting on top of the Mana Cross.

In reality, Kaiko has no definite physical form.

When first appearing after the sacrificial ritual, it's physical form is fragile and incomplete, due to Howard and Seigo possessing the rest of the Forbidden Fruit in their blood.

When it is fought in the end of the game, it takes several forms. They all compose of what seems to be different insect parts and a human-like pink brain. It's parts float and assemble differently to form different abilities.

Battle Edit

Fighting Kaiko can be very disorienting due to the abstract nature of the being.
First the player needs to sightjack Miyako's spirit and find the Vessel.

Then you need to use the Uryen to blast a pillar of holy flame under it.

Strike the pillar of flame with the Homuranagi to create a powerful slash of energy and strike it.

If you take too long, Kaiko will send Howard into another time paradox and you will have to start the battle over again.

Traits from Forbidden Siren Edit


  • Extradimentional alien entity with reality-manipulation and psychic powers
  • Cursed a woman, that latter became the head of the Mana religion and vowed to resurrect it.
  • Is worshiped by the Mana religion as a god
  • Human sacrifices are necessary to give back his blood that was stolen by founder of the Mana religion
  • He is killed by the main protagonist with the help of Miyako's spirit

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike his Forbidden Siren counterpart, Kaiko only needs to be fought once to beat the game. It doesn't need to be decapitated, maybe due to the fact that the entity doesn't seem to posses a head. Also, unlike Datasushi, it can't be sightjacked.

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