character health

the siren series don't have a health bar like the other but you can tell it by the maximum hit they can withstand before being killed (for example, kei makino can withstand 3 attack from the beetle shibito before being killed by the fourth one). throught each character has a different maximum hit they can withstand but you dont have to be panicked because the game itself has a health regeneration allow your character to heal after hiding in somewhere safe

supposed a hit from the enemy is 1 HP . we will have the following health stat in forbidden siren 1 ( if my caculation was correct)

  1. risa onda: 2 HP
  2. kyoya suda: 4 HP
  3. tamon takeuchi: 5 HP
  4. tomoko maeda : 3 HP
  5. shiro miyata: 4 HP
  6. kei makino: 3 HP
  7. akira shimura: 5 HP
  8. naoko mihama: 4 HP

if my caculation was correct.:

  1. normal hit from a meele weapon:- 1 HP
  2. strong hit from a meele weapon:-2 HP
  3. shot from a ranged weapon  :-2 HP
  4. strangulation ( male,each attempt to break free) : -1 HP
  5. strangulation ( female, each attempt to break free) : -2 HP

, the character is noticeably weaker than before the later level ( for example, kyoya can withstand only 1 shot from the police officer in the beginning but later, it extended to 2 shot or tomoko in kei makino level can't withstand even a shot but she later able to withstand 1-2 shot). it is seen that health varies in level ( for example, naoko can withstand only 2 hit from spider shibito but in later level, she can withstand 4 hit ( 2 strangulation) ) and that the supporting character are often weaker than when they are playable

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