Ayako Kajiro
Vital statistics
Title Ayako Kajiro
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Age 16
Allies Jun Kajiro, Hisako Yao
Voiced by Aya Matsui

Ayako Kajiro (神代 亜矢子 Kajiro Ayako?) is a minor character from Siren. Although briefly glimpsed in a cutscene when Kyoya Suda disrupted the ceremony, she was not introduced until around halfway into the story.

Seventeen-year-old Ayako Kajiro was the elder sister of Miyako, and younger adoptive sister of her fiancé, Jun. The couple's role was to produce the next generation of the Kajiro family, one of whom is likely to be selected for the next sacrifice.

She was first seen walking beside Miyako in matching clothes that consist of a long black dress and a tall black veil. Sensing the presence of Kyoya nearby, Miyako turned her head toward him while Ayako remained oblivious.

Ayako was shown to have a bitter dislike of her younger sister. She was seen confronting Miyako outside of the abandoned house in the Tabori settlement, telling her "I wish it was only you that had disappeared. Then this wouldn't have happened!" before slamming a scythe into the wall beside her little sister's head. She also told her "you're the sacrificial lamb. Act like one!" before storming off; unlike Miyako, she was unaware that Hisako Yao will have no further use for the Kajiro line, and that she herself was as doomed as her sister.

Ayako was indeed eliminated by Yao, immolated in the same supernatural fire that burned Miyako. Ayako seemed to have a far less peaceful death, crying "No! Not me!" before she burned.

In appearance, she is slightly taller than Miyako with a sharper face and long black hair worn parted in the middle. She was only ever seen wearing the long black dress from the ceremony, although she seemed to discard the veil soon after, and was not seen wearing it again.