The Archives are a game mechanic which keeps track of documents and items of importance that the player has found. Usually, the items are relevant to the storyline but others are only indirectly linked. It has been featured in all three games, but the first only had static objects. From Forbidden Siren 2 onwards, the Archive featured other media such as audio and video and even interactive games.

Forbidden SirenEdit

The Archive contains 100 entries that fill up as the player finds objects. Some Archive items are required to unlock secondary missions, or they are the secondary objective themselves. Once all entries have been unlocked, a secret movie is unlocked in the Link Navigator.

Forbidden Siren 2Edit

Again, the Archive contains 100 entries and again, full collection of the items grants a secret movie. Some of the Archive items now are audio and video media instead of just static pictures.

Siren: Blood CurseEdit

The Archive here has only 50 entries, but still retains aural and visual entries from the second instalment. To compensate for the lesser amount of entries, weapons have now been categorized in an 'Archive' style so players may collect the weapons of the game in similar fashion to Archive items.

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