Akira Shimura
Akira shimura
Vital statistics
Title Akira Shimura
Gender Male
Race Japanese
Age 70
Abilities Sightjack
Weapon Hunting Rifle
Allies Yoriko Anno
Voiced by Tadao Kato

Akira Shimura (志村 晃 Shimura Akira?) is one of the ten playable characters in Forbidden Siren. He was a 70 year-old resident of Hanuda, a hunter, who lost his wife and son in the landslide of Hanuda in 1976. Then, 27 years later, he was confronted with the mystery of Hanuda after the ritual's failing.


A 70-year-old hunter who is a resident of Hanuda. He lost his wife and son to the earthquake from the failure of the original ceremony to revive Datasushi in 1976 and knew about Hisako Yao’s lack of aging and that she is up to something. He carries the guilt of being unable to stop the 1976 ceremony and save his wife and son’s lives, and is an old neighbour and friend of Tamon Takeuchi, who also lost his family back in the earthquake when he was a boy. Akira strongly believes that Hisako and the Kajiro fanily are responible for the landslide, which turned out to be correct. Because people did not believe his blaming of the Kajiros, he became a hermit. Being a hunter, Akira carries his trusty rifle with him whenever he is out hunting.

Akira intro

Akira notices the fog in Hanuda

In Day 1, he notices a milky-white fog enveloped Hanuda and senses that something is wrong. Akira makes his way over through the town mines, leading to his first encounter with the Shibito. During this, he finds a mysterious marker and touchs it, which released one of the four powers that later helps Kyoya Suda in Inferno.

Exiting the mines, Akira meets TV presenter and model Naoko Mihama. He warned her that by coming into contact with the red water that now occupies Hanuda, she will be cursed with eternal life. Akira leavesher to her own devices, not knowing the consequences of that meeting.

Akira preparing to save Yoriko

Akira snipes at the watchtower to save Yoriko

Hours later, in Harayadori, Akira stands atop a lookout tower, wondering if his wife and son have brought him back to the village. He hears the screams of Yoriko Anno being chased by Shibito. Taking aim with his rifle, the old man states that there are so many strangers in the village, and saves Yoriko from the Shibito.

Nearly exiting the area, a sniper shibito suddenly shoots at them. Yoriko got the idea to distract the sniper while Akira uses this opportunity to defeat the gunman.

Both made their way to a street which is blocked off, and beyond lies a red sea filled with Shibito that bathe themselves in order to evolve into more complex beings. Pessimistically, Akira reasons that there is no way out of Hanuda, and put his gun in his mouth, shooting himself, wishing Yoriko luck; he does this to ensure that he does not become a Shibito. Yoriko looked terrified at the sight and shock of Akira’s death and flees.

Later, Tomoko Maeda, on her way to find her parents, spots Akira’s dead body and revels in fear, only to be comforted by Hisako Yao.
Shibito Akira

Akira is resurrected as a Shibito and laughs at the irony of his death

In the beginning of Day 2, Akira finds himself resurrected, realized that he has become a Shibito. Thinking to
Akira and Tamon

Shibito Akira is defeated by Tamon, and calls out his name

himself, he came to the conclusion that no one can escape the village. Upon seeing the irony that death did not help him escape, he laughs in an inhumane, monstrous manner. He takes his rifle with him and ventures to kill any humans he finds.

Eventually, he spots Tamon Takeuchi and Yoriko at a stone bridge. Positioned next to a wooden bridge, Akira takes aim and shoots Yoriko, who is sent falling over the railing of the bridge. Tamon manages to prevent being shot and, using gasoline and his gun, sets fire to the wooden bridge, stopping Akira from crossing over. The two eventually fight each-other face-to-face, with Tamon as the victor. As Akira lies on the ground to die again, he recognized Tamon, who also recognized Akira from an old photo he got from Yoriko earlier. Akira dies, leaving Tamon alone while Yoriko faints from blood loss from the shot and is taken away along with Kyoya Suda by Shiro Miyata and Akira revives again.

Fly Shibito Akira

Akira as a Fly Shibito in Day 3

During Day 3, Shiro Miyata, dressed in the robes of his brother, Kei Makino, heads to Haraydori. Akira has by that point evolved into a Fly Shibito, granting him the ability to shoot from the air. Shiro makes his way through the town, finding explosives and destroying the Shibito Brain in the area. Akira is then rendered unconscious until the Brain revives.

When Kyoya Suda unleashes the Uryen as part of his attempt to destroy all Shibito, Akira was completely destroyed along with the rest of the Shibito.


Akira is willing to save those that were in need; this is exemplified when he rescues Yoriko from a group of Shibito. His guilt from his family’s deaths affects him. He is cynical and may believe in the supernatural, as he wonders if his wife and son guided him back to Hanuda. He is pessimistic, turning over to suicide when all seems lost. Akira is aware of when something is not right, since he knew that Hisako is ageless and that she is planning something.

As a Shibito, he is driven to kill any humans that he comes across, but has enough of his humanity to recognize Tamon and realized that his suicide is in vain.


  • Old neighbour and friend of Tamon Takeuchi; as a Shibito, fights him and is killed
  • Saves Yoriko Anno from Shibito; as Shibito, shoots her
  • Suspects Hisako Yao’s intentions
  • Encounters Shiro Miyata who is disguised as Kei Makino
  • Briefly meets Naoko Mihama 
  • Activates a marker that helps Kyoya Suda in Inferno




Mission 1

Mission 2

Day 1 8:00

Gojaku Peak, Misumi trail

Reach the road to Hirasakai

"Arial","sans-serif"">Reach road to Dousojin stone

Day 1 16:00

Harayadori, watchtower

Reach the road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno

Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno within 115 seconds


"There's something in the air." - first lines

"It's all her fault. She hasn't aged in all these years. The Yaobikune, she's a monster." - talking to himself while meeting Naoko Mihama

"Do you want to be like that? Do you want to live forever?" - his words to Naoko that affect her fate

"So many strangers..." - said on the watchtower while preparing to save Yoriko

"It's over...I'm going to get out of here, before I turn into a monster as well." - Akira's last words as he commits suicide.

"So...nobody can get away." - upon awakening as shibito

"Tamon..." - calling out to Tamon, who then recognises him


  • Akira is the only main and playable character that turns into a Fly Shibito
  • He is the only playable character armed with a weapon throughout his Missions
  • He is also the only one to carry the same weapon with him, which is understandable given that he is a hunter 
  • Akira, along with half of the ten playable characters, has two levels in the game and two Mission Objectives in each level
  • He is the oldest playable character in the game; in terms of non-playable characters, Datasushi is the oldest (he existed more than 1000 years ago), with Hisako as the second-oldest (she was in her 20s by 683AD, so she is 1320+ years old by the time of the game)
  • Appears in the timeframes Day 1 (6:00 and 18:00), Day 2 (1:00) and Day 3
  • Aspects of Akira’s role (his choice of weapon; rescuing another character from a section of a village; shooting from a tower; suicide and resurrection as a Shibito) are used in the character Seigo Seiga in the remake, Siren: Blood Curse.
  • Because of his age, Akira is the slowest character in the game, which balances the strength of his rifle.
  • From the main playable characters, Akira is the first to die. He commits suicide on Day 1 - 17:00. He is also the only character from the cast to die within the first day of the game.


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