Decisive Battle is the fifth and final level of Yorito Nagai on the Link Navigator. It is set in the Yamijima Island's high school grounds. It features two missions, both of which concern the destruction of two antagonists, Takeaki Misawa and the Otoshigo.


Mission 1: Defeat Takeaki Misawa

Mission 2: Defeat the Otoshigo

Mission 2 RequirementsEdit

In order for this mission to be unlocked, Yorito must find the Lighthouse Key in the previous level.


Having just finished wiping out all the Yamirei and Yamibito in the school grounds, Yorito watches the Spider's Thread collapse while the Yamijima Island reality begins to fall apart. However, his view is obscured by a mist, and laughter is heard. Takeaki Misawa is heard, saying that he must put this "dream" to an end. Yorito sees Misawa, but as a Kou Yamibito, before the former sergeant moves in the fog. Angry, Yorito screams out his enemy's name.

Upon defeating Misawa, who lies breathing on the ground, Yorito comments that the fighting is finally over. Unexpectedly, Ichiko Yagura, who has survived a fall from Spider's Thread, appears. Her face has mutated from possession by Otoshigo, appearing as a swollen eye. Otoshigo then fully takes over Ichiko's body, turning it into a large, deformed head with multiple arms. Otoshigo then moves along the grounds and swallows Misawa. With this last challenge, Yorito must fight this deity.

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